Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wherever You Go, I am Here

So I mentioned last week that I wanted to share a song with you. At the mass, one of the songs we sang was the Covenant Hymn and it really moved me. I love music and I always follow along with the songbooks, although I don’t always sing out loud which I am trying to do more, so the music is a way I connect His messages more during mass. This song really stuck out to me and stayed with me. The main message is that God will be with you no matter what.
It is easy to become separated from God with the busy schedule of college life, and really with the activities of daily life for anyone. Sometimes I feel like God is somewhere other than me, like He is in a Holy place far away watching me and the world; I pray to Him for guidance, but I don’t act like I’m sitting right beside Him, I don’t hear His response in my ear, I don’t see Him. This song says that wherever I live is His home. He’ll never leave me alone. Whatever I dream and clouds mist my future, we are together. When I fall, or am betrayed by others, He will raise me up. He is faithful to me. It is so different for me to think that God is holding my hand along the way, walking beside me all my life. If I ever feel far away or run from His love, He will stay faithful to me. God being faithful to me is a concept I’ve never thought of before. It is such a different way to think about my relationship with God.
The song also says that “wherever you die, [He] will be there to sing you to sleep with a psalm.” He will calm you and soothe you . It is a very comforting way to look at death. It is something that is hard to think about; completely leaving the world and not being a part of people’s lives anymore, but the song really shows what God’s presence does even in an unfamiliar and scary situation. He will relive our journeys and take away my fears and doubts. Our journey. We will be buried together. He will be with me always and forever.
This is such a unique and comforting message of God’s love for us. It is something to think about during your life. Remembering that God isn’t some far off idea and that He is actually walking beside us all through our days will strengthen our relationship with Him and comfort us when we need Him. I encourage you to listen to the song and I hope you reflect upon this and feel His presence with you always.

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