Monday, October 22, 2012

Let go and let God

Today, I wanted to take a break from life reflections, and simply let you know how much God loves you. It's slightly past the middle of the semester, and I'm sure some of you are feeling the stress of everything; I know I am. But remember to turn to God during these times. He is always, always there for you and His strength and love will see you through hard times. If you're seeking direction on your life path, remember that He is always guiding you and has the perfect plan for you. Everything will work out in time. Have faith, take a step back, and focus on God. He makes everything okay. I know I often times get caught up in the petty little worries of my life, and I tend to stress out about a lot of things that I shouldn't let get to me. God has a purpose for everything, though, and I am beginning to trust Him more. It's so peaceful and it makes me so happy to put my trust in Him and let go of my worries. I hope that the images below can help you to let go and let God take control of your life. So have a great week everybody! Smile, because you're awesome and God loves you! : )

 God bless, 

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