Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Personal Best

I had a revelation this week.  I am not perfect.  Wow shocker I know right?  We know we are not perfect but yet we strive so hard to be perfect.  Why is that?  I strive for that 100% on my test to get perfects, but in the end what it comes down to, is knowing how to take care of a patient in need.  I push myself a lot, to get moving in the morning even thought I slept only a good 5 hours.  My knee is killing me but I try so hard to ignore it.  I can’t tell you why that is either.  It is rather ridiculous that I don’t reorganize my day so that I can get to bed earlier or just call my doctor to give me some pain medication for my knees. 

Recently, I have felt my thought process change.  I have now tried the approach of doing/giving things a 110% effort.  We are not made for perfection, and to strive for that is overwhelming, and stressful.   And in some cases, we are only setting ourselves up for failure.  Why do we do that to ourselves? 
If we were perfect, would we know God as well?  If I had perfect knees, I don’t think I would pray to give me strength for the day.  If I had known everything that was taught to me, I don’t think I would be as open to the lessons I am supposed to learn through lived experiences.  If I knew how to approach every situation, I don’t k now if I would be able to see Christ in others as much as I do now. 

Being perfect, kind of seems overrated to me.  But, I do care.  I care a lot about my future patients that depend on my knowledge.  I care about academics.  I care about my love for others and my love for God.  But that doesn’t mean that we need perfection.  It means we have to give it our all.  God knows that we need His help and he doesn’t expect us to be perfect.  He wants us to share the talents that He has given us.  He wants us to just to continue our life journeys by continuously growing in our faith and making ourselves better.


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  1. Thanks, Dana, for your insightful reflection. I am a perfectionist too, and it's nice to be reminded to ease up a little. I like what you wrote about how if we were perfect we might not know God. I agree -- if we were already perfect, we wouldn't need God or each other. However, in our incompleteness we do need God and community. I'll continue to ponder this today.

    -- Leslie