Sunday, October 14, 2012


        I didn’t get to post last week which was a bummer since I really liked a song that we sung in church that day and wanted to write about it, but my house’s internet stopped working the Monday after my last post and just got fixed this past Friday. College without internet is a difficult task. I decided to save my thoughts about the song for another time though because I have something else I want to talk about.
        April, my pet Sun Conure Parrot, passed away last Sunday evening. I was devastated when my Dad called me and told me. It was just so unexpected. Although she was going to turn 16 this December, Sun Conures have an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years, so I just expected her to live much longer. She was well taken care of and had a happy life and I just knew that every time I went home she would be there. She’s been with us for so long and she really became a member of our family. I feel guilty thinking about living at school and not being with her; not being able to pet and scratch her, play with her and feed her, give her attention and comfort her. Did she wonder where I went, why I left, or if I was ever coming back? I didn’t get to say goodbye and thinking about her last moments and wondering if she was in pain or scared or knew what was happening is painful.
       But reflecting more, having the support of an awesome and empathetic friend, and going home to bury April with my family, I realize that she had a great life and that is what I should focus on. April brought me happiness in hard times, she brought me friendship and comfort when I needed it, and she taught me a lot over the years. She got a lot of joy from living with us like getting to dance to music, sneaking licks of icing and ice cream, getting to sit at the dinner table sometimes, getting away with squawking so loud neighbors down the street could hear, and receiving massages to fall asleep to. Even though I wasn’t there with her as she passed away, I know that she knew I loved her. My friend told me that God was with her and took her to Heaven. She said that April is my little angel looking down and watching me. That actually comforted me a lot, thinking that God was there comforting her and holding her in her last moments and that she is still with me in a way.
       We buried her in a perfect little spot in our front yard. She has a peaceful place with a bird bath and freshly planted mums to grow and represent her colors. I took a picture of her resting spot and when I looked at it there were rays from the sun shining down where she lay. It was like God’s rays were pointing down on her and He was telling me that everything was going to be okay.

I love you April, and you'll always be in my heart.

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