Friday, October 26, 2012

Carpe Diem

This morning as I was getting up and going through my morning routine of getting ready, checking email, blackboard, and of course face book, I saw one of my friends posted “im glad you woke up this morning :) get excited for life today!!!”

Facebook is such a funny thing.  Sometimes the posts are funny, sometimes, sad, sometimes obnoxious, and others just happy.  I never really know what I am going to see on there.  This just stood out to me because there is just so much of God’s love to be known, lived and experienced.  I am so happy that you are alive and well.  I am so excited that today you get to experience all of the joys and challenges God has in store for you.

I am a planner.  Most weeks I plan every day down to the hour with everything I need to do.  You would think it might be a challenge to get excited when I am just going through my days checking things off of my to-do list.  Sometimes it is.  More often than not though, this is never the case; probably because there are so many unforeseen events that occur.   God gives us so many opportunities throughout our day to show and receive His love, things I could never dream of planning.   How exciting is that?!?

You just never know what kind of surprises God has in store for you =)


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