Thursday, January 17, 2013

You're Gonna Miss This

The closing lines of the new episode of Modern Family this week read:  “There are all kinds of milestones in life.  The kind you expect to live through; first kiss, birthdays, and graduations.  If you’re lucky a wedding or two.  Or ever a new edition to the family.  Then there’s the kind you’d never dreamed you’d get to live through again.  That’s the best kind of all.”

Life is full of great and exciting moments that sometimes we just skip right over.  Young people always look ahead and older people always look back.  For us as young people we need to live in the here and now.  We are presented a very special and unique situation as student that we will probably never have a chance to experience again.  I constantly catch myself thinking that I can’t wait to graduate and get into the real world.  The fact is I need to appreciate where I am right now, because one day I am going to miss this.

Take some time today to think about how lucky you are to be a student and to be living the life you have.  Take some time to appreciate the unique opportunities student life presents to you.


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