Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Internal Candle

I don't remember much from growing up.  I went to mass every weekend with my family and I can honestly say that only one lesson has ever stood out in all those years.  To this day, I almost always think about it when I'm sitting in mass.  I remember the priest explaining that coming to mass was like lighting your candle back up.  He said that when we go to mass, we get our candles lit and then throughout the week when we sin, or forget to pray, or are not the best version of ourselves our candle diminishes a little bit at a time until they eventually are extinguished.  One of the blessings of going to mass is that our candles become lit once again.

I very much love this message because I think it's a cool and different picture of what grace is.  No matter what we have done that week or how quickly we extinguished our candles, they are lit again at mass.  We are renewed and refreshed as we come to worship the God who loves us with more love than we could ever know.

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