Wednesday, January 30, 2013

St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti

Here is another saint for the day, who shows us that sometimes it takes someone else to tell us that we are not living like God intended. An outside perspective helps us to make sure that we are living our lives out as children of God. Therefore, it is always a good idea to go to confession or just talk to a priest about any problems that you might be having.

Nevertheless, St. Hyacintha began her life in as a loyal servant of God, but would grow up to become more and more frivolous, having no attention for all the gifts that God had given her. When she turned 20, she was all set to marry Marquess Capizucchi. However, to her dismay, he chose Hyacintha's younger sister over her. Therefore, to mask her anger and betrayal, she entered the monastery where she had been previously educated. The intention she had for joining the monastery was anything but sincere, for she simply wanted to mask her anger and not give up her daily luxuries. She would store extra food and wear a habit made of very fine material. This was all done while Hyacintha's other sister were living out lives of mortification.

Even thought she did not exude humility, Hyacintha still retained a lively spiritual life. However, Hyacintha would become sick, and, while a priest came to bring her Communion, he would see the luxuries, and tell her to rethink her way of life. This caused an epiphany for Hyacintha, and she decided to replace her habit with an old tunic, start going barefoot, dine on only bread and water, and chastise her body with scouragings. Some of these mortifications were so severe that it was considered a miracle that she remained living during them. She also started serving and caring for the sick.

Finally, Hyacintha would go on to found two groups that were called the Oblates of Mary. The first group specialized in caring for the sick, those too ashamed to beg, and prisoners. The second one found housing for the elderly.

St. Hyacintha is a perfect example of the epiphany that many of the saints have, turning from their sinful ways to lead a life of holiness. This also shows that true dedication that the saints had for caring for the sick and poor. We could all learn something from St. Hyacintha.


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