Friday, January 18, 2013

Blessed to Be

Earlier this week, I was flying around getting ready for an early shift at work.  Of course I snoozed my alarm one too many times.  Consequently, I found myself hurrying myself out the door so that I could swing by McDonalds to get my morning dose of caffeine; a caramel mocha (my treat to myself when I have to wake up that early).  When I was finally on my way in my car my mind began racing a million miles per hour thinking did I unplug my straightener? Did I remember my books?  Will I be ready for this exam later on that day?  What I haven’t I done that I need to get done?  So I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled up to pay, the nice gentleman told me to “have a blessed day.”

It is so funny how one little phrase can completely change the pace of my day.  I mean the phrase, “have a great day” is so well known to our everyday language.   Being a customer service representative, I could not even begin to count how many times I use that phrase a day.  But, “have a blessed day” just really caught me off guard, in a good way.

It was a nice nudge to remind me to say good morning to sweet Jesus, to thank Him for a new day, a new chance to learn, and a full day of opportunities to know God better.   I find myself all too often getting bogged down by checking things off my to-do list that I forget easily what needs to be the center of my thoughts, words, and actions.   But, when I think of things in blessings, the to-do list kind of takes care of itself and the stress that usually goes along with it is magically absent.
So, as you read this, I hope you are having a blessed day too!

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