Monday, January 7, 2013

Remember Yourself and Remember God

               As the end of the semester crept up and then attacked, I got fairly busy and side-tracked; as many others did I’m sure. This past semester has been my hardest I think with the level of classes, the course work, and amount of time everything required. I had two of the hardest classes for my major and a senior capstone on top of working 20-25 hours a week. I had never worked while going to school before and it was definitely a great challenge. I can appreciate much more the people who do it every semester or work full-time while taking classes. Not having much free time definitely isn’t great for your mental health, I believe. I got really stressed and missed out on a lot of sleep by the end of the semester. On Christmas Eve, I went to the hospital because I was having trouble breathing, my chest hurt, and my heart was racing. I was really shaky and faint. It was scary, and although I did not get a definite answer, the doctor thought it was probably due to stress. The effects haven’t completely subsided, as I’ve had these feelings again as well as felt weakened from it. I have doctor appointments coming up so hopefully I’ll find some relief soon, but it’s been a great lesson to me.
                My point is to not stress over things as much. Little things, and even bigger things, do not need to cause so much stress and anxiety. I find myself so back and forth with stress. Sometimes something happens and right away I think there is a reason that I didn’t get what I wanted or that it happened that way and things will work out for the best. I’ll accept what is happening even if I should be really upset, even for a short time. But then other times, like the end of this semester, I keep pushing myself and don’t even realize I’m so overworked and stressed. I never took time for myself to destress and wind down. People need to make time for things like relaxing, socializing, and even sleeping. Things aren’t worth getting so upset or stressed over. Things will work out. God will always see you through. He always seems to get you through the hard times so you come out with a smile.
                So as this new semester begins, or as the new year begins, take things as they are. Let things go. Take deep breaths every once in a while. Take time for yourself and don’t get too consumed in the trials of everyday life. Remember to live along the way. Remember yourself and remember God. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the small things, but it is worth making time for the more important things.

Peace and Blessings,

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