Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love God and Love Thy Neighbors

                Today at Mass during the homily, our priest spoke about two very important commandments to live by, ‘love God and love thy neighbor as yourself.” Loving God and loving your neighbors (even the ones that can be hard to love at times) is very important to live by. He said that people would write or hang that message on the outside of their doors and when they left for the day they would touch it before they leave. This was to remember to always do it and because it becomes a part of you. Eventually, it defines you.
                I felt inspired to hang that message up outside of my bedroom door or something to remind me to live by it more every day. Sometimes it is hard to follow when you are busy and distracted and you don’t make God a priority, or when some people annoy you or are mean. Reminding yourself of these commandments will help you to think about God more and think about others more and treat them as you would want them to treat you.
                The priest also said that you need to fall in love and stay in love. Your love decides your priorities. I really liked this line because it is so true. When you love God or someone else, everything changes. Your life is never the same. Your priorities change, your schedule changes, your wants and needs change, you change. What and who you love defines you. Remind yourself of what’s important in life and live by it every day.


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