Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving from the Heart

Last week, the Gospel reading was about the poor widow who gave the Church two small coins, which was all she had. This is another one of my favorite Biblical stories; I remember reading and rereading it in my children’s Bible. When I was young, I’m not sure I knew why I really liked it so much, but now I am able to easily recognize the parts of the story that really touch me. 

The first point I reflect upon is the fact that Jesus said how even though she gave the smaller monetary amount, she gave more than the rich people who donated a lot of money. It shows us that God doesn’t care about how much money is given; He is much more concerned about how much of the heart is given. This is such an important message God gives us. The poor widow gave much more of herself, and her gift was a lot more selfless than the rich people’s. Giving is not meant to be something that is calculated, and done to earn the admiration of observers; it is supposed to be genuine and for the sake of others. God wants to see us believe in a cause, and to truly want to help others, not give money or time simply because that’s what we’re supposed to do and that’s what makes us look good. Also, He wants us to give more than money or time; He wants us to go much deeper and give our hearts and love to others. By giving all she had, that widow showed how much she cared about others in need, and was able to put them above herself. 

This leads me to the second point I focus on in this story. Even though the poor widow did not have a lot herself, she was able to selflessly give away what she had for others and trust in God to take care of her. This, to me, is amazing. I often times, to my dismay, find it very difficult to trust completely in God. I spend a lot of time worrying, or deliberating about choices, instead of just leaving it up to Him. The poor widow was able to give away all she had, and not be concerned, for she trusted that God would provide for her somehow. I admire the trust she had in God, and that’s the relationship with Him I try to strive for. That poor widow is a role model to me, and I hope all of you can take away from her story as much as I do every time I read or hear it. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and God bless, 

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