Friday, November 2, 2012

In Loving Memory

In the midst of celebrating Halloween and then all Saints day I almost forgot a feast day that is very near and dear to my heart this year: all souls day.  Last November I lost my grandfather.  I cannot believe that it has almost been a year already.  I think about him all the time.  I miss him a lot.

Grandpa was a man of faith. He and my grandma worked so hard to have a home built on faith.  He put his family before anything and took pride in all that they accomplished.  He loved seeing all of the grandchildren grow too.  Sometimes I wish he were still here so he could have seen my brother and cousins play for the high school football and basketball team.  No matter what happened, he always knew how to fix things; prayer.

I encourage you today, to think about the loved ones that you have lost.  Remember the good times. Think about all of the things they have taught you and hold them forever in your hearts. 

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