Sunday, September 23, 2012

Post-Mass Post

               Hi, my name is Katie and I’ll be your post-mass poster. Yes, I am quite good with jokes and humor. I am a fourth year psychology major at the University of Cincinnati and I’ll be graduating this spring. I am not yet certain of what my future holds for me; I have been waiting for a sign from God for some time now to lead me in the direction I’m meant to go, but I have faith that He’ll let me know my purpose when the time is right.

               I am a member of the Bearcat Bands here at the university and I have been very involved with that organization. I play the trumpet so I’m obviously awesome (just kidding), but it is great to be able to be more connected and involved around campus through the band. I enjoy living and learning here and I am so proud to be a Bearcat. Being in band, I am a person who is passionate about music. I believe it creates emotion, brings people together, and serves a purpose greater than the ink on the page (kind of like good writing).

               I had not made my Confirmation before coming to college. I felt a calling throughout high school, but that only grew during my first couple of years here. A close friend of mine encouraged me to go to Mass with her at St. Monica-St. George and everything seemed to come together for me to take the step to further my faith journey. The experience of making my Confirmation last year through the RCIA program deepened my faith and involvement with the church. I hope this blog can be that close friend to you when you need it. I want you to feel the close community, the connection here with our posts that I felt in church when I needed it. This is an open space in which you can talk to us and comment on your experiences and thoughts and know that we are right there with you in this journey. 

Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday, 


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