Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Prayer for the Win

        Like Luke said earlier this week, UC's marching band went to DC for our football game this weekend. It was a close, intense game. The lead was traded back and forth throughout and both sides put up a great effort. UC ended up securing the win with 13 seconds to go. In those few seconds before the last touchdown was made, I put my hands together and made a short, informal prayer for the win. Although it is a small and, compared to many other things, fairly insignificant thing to ask for or gamble on, a lot of people do it. After the screams and cheers started to die down, my friend next to me said how she just prayed that we would win. I thought it was funny that we both did that, and as I found out later, a bunch of people did. Why do we pray when it comes down to the end? Not just in the end for a game winning touchdown, but in the end as in when we are stressed, pushed into a corner, afraid, confused, or unsure? People put a lot of faith into God's answers and praying is the outlet for that hope; praying brings us comfort. 
There have been times when I get really stressed, often overly so, and asking God for help and support gives me the strength I need to get through it. Giving Him thanks or asking Him to watch over me also brings me comfort. There have been so many times when I get a bad feeling or a wave of anxiety rushes over me and I bless myself with the Sign of the Cross for comfort and I feel protected, like He is watching over me through whatever I am facing. Just recently I went go-kart racing, as in 40+ miles per hour go-kart racing, and I was a little scared in the minutes leading up to our race. There was a training and safety video that we had to watch before the race and we had to put on real racing helmets and even a neck support. I don't like feeling like I'm not in control with things like that, especially after a bad skiing accident about two years ago; I am a lot more aware of what can happen and have to take care of my head, neck, and back more. I just had a bad feeling about going through with it. Sometimes I know I am overly worried and that it is going to be fine, I'm going to make it through, but I just can't stop the tension building in my core. In those moments I bless myself and I feel His presence and am put more at ease. Of course this is not an excuse to get a bad feeling about doing something, yell YOLO, and do it anyways. It's just something that helps me through those moments when I need an extra push or the presence of peace. It can even be as simple as knowing He's there for you during a class presentation or before doing something a little out of your comfort zone that you know will benefit you or others. 
         How do you feel His presence in your life? Does prayer bring comfort to you in the difficult times?  


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  1. Does prayer bring comfort to you in the difficult times? Absolutely! I know in my head that God is always there providing for my needs, but in those tense moments, I pray anyway. And I do think it brings me some comfort.

    I also wonder what percentage of people's prayers are about sporting events? :)

    -- Sister Leslie