Monday, September 17, 2012


Hi everyone! My name is Kathe, and I am very excited to be starting out on this spirituality journey with all of you! I am a third year at the University of Cincinnati studying biomedical engineering. The first post this week is supposed to introduce all of us to you, so I decided I would share some of my beliefs with you:

I believe in always looking on the bright side, and that a rainbow follows each storm.  I believe music is one of the purest ways to display emotion, and that you shouldn’t judge someone unless it’s to better your image of them. I believe in saying “thank you,” and that my family will always be there for me, something I’m immensely grateful for.  I believe in dancing in the rain, and getting up early to watch the sunrise. I believe smiles can change lives, and that we are here to make the world a better place. I believe in true love that lasts forever, and that it is better to hope than to despair. I believe everyone needs their own personal cheerleader, someone who always believes in them and stands by them. I believe the death penalty should be illegal, and in saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes. I believe Disney movies are enjoyable at any age, and that global warming is a natural process but is sped up by humans. I believe that everyone has something positive to offer the world, and that you should always strive to see the good in others. I believe sleep is a waste of time, but sadly necessary, and that everyone should be CPR trained. I believe in integrity and standing up for what you believe in, and that God sees us through all our struggles. I believe in the power of prayer, and that miracles really do happen.

“I am searching for a purpose. God, where do I go next, what path will my life take? I am waiting for direction, itching with anticipation and excitement. Here I am, God, ready to make a difference. The world is at my fingertips-just show me where to go.” I hope that everyone enjoys this blog, and that each of you takes something away from it. I know that I will definitely grow closer to God through this experience, and I hope that you will too!

God bless,


  1. Kathe, I loved that quote! Such an encouraging post to read, thank you!!

  2. Yay! Great first post :)