Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Perspective Change

So I overslept 15 minutes this morning...and I freaked out.  Why is that?  Because I have a huge test on Friday and I have no idea how it's going to go.  I'm taking Analysis this semester and it is known that this is the hardest math class in the program.  And let me tell ya, I've taken some hard ones.  So here I am, waking up 15 minutes late and freaking out because every minute counts.  I think the thing that's stressing me out the most is that my professor canceled all of her office hours for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!  Who does that?!  I really haven't been this nervous for a test in a long time.

And in the midst of this stress, I just have this image of God in my head smiling down on me.  Because he already knows what's going to happen.  And in the grand scheme of life, this test is sooo not important.  The fact that I've made it this far in the program is truly a miracle (haha) and that's partly how I know I'm meant to be here.  That's the thing about God, he already has a plan for our lives.  I don't think we can mess that up if we want his plan for our lives too.  If God want's me to be a teacher then I really think he's got it in him to help me pass this class (because let me tell ya, I certainly am trying!)

"And we know that God causes all things 
to work together for good to those who love
 God, to those who are called according to
 His purpose."  (Romans 8:28)

But even beyond all that, isn't it awesome that our worth, our value is not based on what grade we receive?  We are not defined by our test scores.  God doesn't think any less of us if we try our best and fail.  And really, God's opinion is by far the most important.

Sometimes we just need a little perspective change and writing this post helped me with that =)

Until next time,

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