Tuesday, December 4, 2012

God's Beautiful Authority

Don't you just love personal revelations?  I had one yesterday.  I was reading my daily reflection in my little advent book (I love how God is already using this book to teach me new things!) and it reminded me of something I don't often think about: God is in authority.

Do you know why this is so great?  Because this means that what God says, goes!  We have proof from personal accounts and accounts of people past and present.  We have proof from the life of Jesus.  He healed so many people, both spiritually and physically, simply by saying so.  He has power.  And the cool thing is that God loves us.  God loves us so much that he died for us.  He died even for those who rejected him.  He died for those who were completely sinful.  He died because he loved us.  That's an unimaginable amount of love!  God loves us, so he wants the best for us.  The one disclaimer is that we have to want it too.  God will never force anything on us.  So we have to ask.  We have to pray.

Lately I've been feeling frustrated because I have been unmotivated to pray.  And when I do pray, it's usually halfheartedly and out of convenience.  But after I spent time on yesterdays reflection, I think that maybe my problem is that I have lacked faith in the power of prayer.  If God never forces himself on us, then prayer is our way of telling God that we love and trust him and that we want him to direct our lives.  Our prayers tell our powerful God that we want him too.  Hearing our prayers and hearing our desire for him, God will respond.  Maybe not today, maybe not in the way we want.  But God's timing is perfect and he always works for our good.  He is not looking to screw us over!

God has authority and power.  And he wants to use it to better your world.

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